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Any driver may complete a National Safe Driver Program traffic safety course at any time to learn helpful defensive driving techniques. Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated that our safe-driver education effectively lowers graduates' rates of collision and reoffense, meaning that you'll be significantly less likely to have a run-in with the law—or another vehicle!

Drivers also commonly complete a defensive driving course to earn a discount on their automobile insurance premiums. Premium discounts are available to many drivers, but are offered at the discretion of insurance providers; check with your representative to confirm that you can take advantage of this benefit.

Drivers may also complete "traffic school" at the direction of a court or licensing authority, and/or to mask a ticket or the associated points from their official driving record. Confirm with your court or licensing authority whether our course will fulfill your obligations under these circumstances.

Traffic safety courses are not intended to provide driver education. While this course covers many of the same topics, the instruction is not as thorough as that provided in a driver education course, and students of this course are assumed to be licensed drivers.

Some states offer a special course for mature drivers who are attempting to claim a discount on their automobile insurance premiums. If you are an older driver (commonly age 55+), we may offer a course via that is appropriate for you.

If you are a commercially licensed driver, confirm with your employer and/or licensing authority whether this course will satisfy the requirements you are attempting to fulfill. This course contains helpful, valuable information for all motorists, but drivers holding a commercial license often face great regulatory conditions that non-commercial licensees.

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